With expertise in growing source of energy, Bellville company working out west


By Jami Kinton - Mansfield News Journal, Mansfield Ohio


Bellville - A crew from a local company is on its way to California to
expand the use of geothermal energy. Jackson and sons Drilling
and Pump Co. of Bellville, has contracts for several large projects
in the San Fransisco Bay area. Four company emplyees packed
their bags - and a sonic drill rig - for a three or four month gig
on the West Coast.


"We will be preforming drilling services and training another drill
company to install closed loop geothermal heating systems,"
company president Jim Jackson said. "We've done this in other
states, but this will be the furthest the company has traveled."

Geothermal energy , Jackson said, replaces the need for propane
or gas. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the thermal
properties of the earth and provide a more economical and
environmental way to heat and cool homes and buildings. Jackson
said his company has the newest drilling technology on the market.


With 50 employees, the company is one of the largest geothermal
firms in the United States. Some local companies also do geothermal
work but not on a consistent basis, he said. And only about five
companies in the country do the work Jackson and Sons learned
after they recognized the opportunity to develop geothermal expertise
in 1994.

As oil and gas prices rise, Jackson said demand for geothermal energy will follow. Jackson said more people, schools, and buisinesses are looking at alternative energy options.


Schools buildings in such districts as Buckeye Central, Medina Buckeye, and North Royalton have already made the switch or are planning to.


"A large percentage of schools who don't use geothermal energy probably will soon" Jackson said. "Almost every school in Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio is looking at these options."


Jacksons father, Dan, who started the company in 1978, will supervise and travel with Bellville area drillers Dave Tingley, Dan Snavely and Jon Sweeney on the cross-country trip.

This trip will not be their last.

"Our company is looking to train other drilling companies all across the country" Jackson said.


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